• Standard - Intermediate / Hard
  • Soft / Intermediate 65D Race Compound
  • Intermediate / Hard 72D Race Compound
  • 6-Ply
  • 8-Ply Special Factory Production on order only (deposit required) 8 weeks delivery / MOQ - 10 - - tyres


  • The aggressive tread pattern and lug depth offer increased skid and traction control as well as enhancing cornering ability giving the tyre a very versatile all terrain capability


  • 21*7.00-10
  • 22*7.00-10
  • 22*7.00-11
  • 23*7.00-10
  • 20*11.00-8
  • 20*10.00-9
  • 20*11.00-9
  • 22*10.00-9
  • 22*11.00-9
  • 22*10.00-10


  • BATT Blue Label ATV and Side x Side tyres provide a unique solution to the Southern African 4- wheeler enthusiast with a massive choice of tread patterns, tyre sizes and rubber compounds.
  • BATT has extensive experience in ATV tyre market, originating from an ATV racing background which is the ultimate testing ground for all ATV tyre products.
  • We’ve scoured the globe for the best tread patterns the world has to offer and through smart manufacturing choices have managed to create a range of products that offer exceptional quality at an unbeatable price.
  • Just one glance at our long list of championship-winning race results and glowing testimonials should put no doubt in your mind that BATT offers the solution to all your racing, recreational and utility 4-wheeler requirements.
  • Once you go BATT, you never go back!

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