We are proud to have so many happy clients! Below are just a handful of some of the great responses we’ve received from Batt Tyre users.

“These Blue Label Batts are too good. Some of the best hookup I’ve experienced over the years and they are priced right”

  • Scott Scheepers, Pro SA Off Road Racer

“The grip and durability of the Batt Blue Label range are excellent and the fact that they’re priced right make them even more attractive.”

  • Dalan Hall, Pro SA Off Road Racer #219

“Rough, tough, indestructible and the best value for money- NO need to look any further than Batt Blue Labels”

  • Jurie Meyer, National Championship-winning ATV racer.

“Brilliant grip on the soft Kalahari sands and loose rocky hill climbs- Great grip and excellent wear, no premature destruction of knobblies on the side of the tyre”

  • Jean-Pierre Schwartz, 2-Wheel off roader, Botswana

“In my 25 years of racing I have never felt such a huge advantage in a tyre like I did with the BATT D65”

  • Wayne Farmer, Pro Senior Off Road Racer

“The 72D grips like a demon despite alot of hand fulls of throttle- very impressed with the wear”

  • Daniel Bray, Kalahari

“The Batt Blue Label tyres in 65 race compound instantly gives handling confidence and cut my lap times at Rally Star raceway by over a minute on the first day out on them”

  • Werner Mostert, Moto Netix – G Class Race Polaris Side x Side Engineer & Race Pilot

“My tyre of choice at the 2014 Roof of Africa was a Batt Storm 120/90/18 and was I blown away with the results. As it was only a 120 tyre I had many critics saying it was too small and a tyre makes your Roof of Africa. But I proved them wrong by crossing the line tied 1st in Silver every day. I was running an intermediate moose and the results were amazing, climbing passed my competitors riding on different brands. I found it hooked up exceptionally well in the loose rocks, long steep climbs and waterfalls. It definitely made my Roof of Africa easier and I couldn’t have asked for more performance from a set of tyres. I look forward to next season with the Batt brand”

  • Dalan Hall, Pro SA Off Road Racer #219

“Very happy to say that after 2 National Races on the New 8 Play Batt 21*11.00-9 tires I am extremely impressed with the grip and performance from the tyres, tyre balancing is near perfect and the biggest advantage has been the increased level of traction on loose and slippery surfaces, I’m not a front runner but place consistently in the top 8 over the last year and a half. The tyres have given me a new level of confidence and added to the already great handling of the Yamaha YFZ450R. This has allowed me to ride faster and safer. Obviously as racers we are unbelievably hard on our tires but I am happy to say that over 800km I’ve had only one puncture. The thicker side wall also allows one to maintain higher speeds on a flat as there is less tire roll. It’s the right size combination for today’s 450’s, big enough to clear rock and small enough not to rob the motor of too much power. I suppose we are all looking for the Holy Grail of tires, at this price point I am happy to say that BATT is damn close. An equivalent import would cost nearly twice as much. Thanks for a great product.”

  • Stuart Freeman, 2014 GOC Senior class champion

“The Batt tyres on my CanAm Commander are working great, will buy again”

  • Deon Du Toit

“Great prices and brilliant tires. Big Up to you guys”

  • Wian Burger

“Sold lots of BATT tyres, also use them on my own quads. Best tyres and best prices. Happy customers. Best value for money”

  • Koos Meyer, Dealer

“We use the Batt Blue Label Enduro Tyre, best rubber out there, awesome traction, very cost effective and brilliant quality”

  • Lanza Van Der Mescht, Racer

“Blue label proved to be good tyre. Keen to try the new range”

  • Gary van der Watt

“Super happy with Batt! Thank you!”

Kirsten Mingay

“Batt’s Blue Label Storm Xtreame tyre looks wider off the rim than it does on the rim. A 120 wide Batt looks the same as most 110 wide brands. the knobblies are pronounced with a small recess/ grove running in the knobs. the feel bye hand is super soft. off the line they hook up very well with little to no loss of traction as you go through the gears. cornering is superb and i never felt like it was going to break away from me. in the wet they gave the feeling of confidence and traction with throwing the excess mud off (little packing). On rocks is where it shines as it never lets go, just grips and grips. longevity was around the 50hours (took off at half wear). Rating 9/10” |

  • Diamond Trailers Racing Honda CRF450X rider comment from E-Dirt

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